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Tainan May Jam “Battle of Bands”
台南五月音樂季 “樂團競賽”

The Tainan May Jam has reached a new level in supporting and honoring original, authentic and creative music.
The “Battle of Bands” is not just simply one more unaccountable competition, that will fade away and be forgotten, the moment it is over.
No, the opposite is in fact our purpose and goal, which we hope to achieve through various activities and engagements with the Bands.
Of cause, we are not living here in Tainan in isolation of what is happening elsewhere in Taiwan or in the world of music at large. But what are our intentions for this competition? It shows in its rewards we give the winners, to develop an atmosphere here in Tainan where unique, authentic and honest creativity has a chance to be equally presented and developed.
We have already a Taipei based and highly developed commercial oriented music industry and we have no interest in competing with them at all, that is not our goal.
Our goal is what German musicians, in the late 60’s and 70’s, were able to do, unlike the British and American musicians at that time, who had to perform under highly commercial pressure, German artists were given that creative freedom, that created the so called “Kraut Rock” from where various inspirations derived from.
我們是以60年代和70年代末,德國音樂家們所能夠做到的為目標,這不像當時英國和美國的音樂家們,他們必須在高度商業壓力下演出。德國藝術家被賦予創作自由,創造了所謂的“Kraut Rock”也是當時驅動各種靈感的泉源。
In that regard, our aim is that all rewards are promoting the bands locally, given them further free education as a reward, an opportunity to perform and further develop their authentic style.
However let’s face the facts, Tainan May Jam alone will not change a thing, we all know that, that’s a fact. But it is also a fact that Tainan May Jam has been around for 16 years and it is about time to bring a new dimension to it.
However “May Jam” standing there alone means nothing, we need to work together, if we want to have a vibrant and creative music scene here in Tainan.
Competition among us, the music stores and musicians is good and is needed but if I am the only winner in all of that, that’s not competition, that is one man’s lonely rule, only.
So if we can find through Tainan May Jam a way to work together, to make everyone look good, everyone will benefit from it after all.
所以如果我們可以通過台南May Jam找到一種合作的方式,對每個人都有好,讓每個人都會受益於它。
In other words, when my light highlights and shines others and make them shine, their light consequently will highlight and shine on you and me too.

So what can we do to make that happening:

support and promote Tainan May Jam “Battle of Bands”
provide free classes for the winners, to further develop their talent
to coordinate you own music stores competitions with T.M.J.B.of B.
to let the winner perform at your music store as an inspiration, for them and your students

Of cause, that in fact will not, in any respect stopping anyone, music store or musician, from what they are doing best.
But then again, as said before, when only one person is winning and everyone else is still standing in the dark room, not knowing how to find the door to get out, that is no success, just random luck. However if there is enough light that lightens up the room, then we all know and see where the door is, then we can, one by one go through that door and to success. What ever that may be for us. Everyone has different dream but should have equal opportunities.

So please be so kind and promote this competition to your Bands that you coach and that practice at your music store.
Requirements for the competition:

student bands preferred (young people)
no music style limitation.
competition registration fee, 2000 NT$
rewards: a) a financial reward, b) promotional reward, c) workshops and other classes rewards, d) performance rewards (shows) e) guarantee performance at the next May Jam, f) granting a free street music license, g) MV h) EP
c)與台南五月音樂季 “樂團競賽”協作您自己的音樂比賽。



3)競賽註冊費,2000 NT $
4)獎勵:a)財政獎勵b)促銷獎勵c)工作坊和課程獎勵d)表演獎勵e)保證在5月音樂季的表演f)授予免費街頭音樂訓練g )MV h)EP