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您的姓名 Your Name (需填寫/Required)

樂團名稱 Your Band Name (需填寫/Required)

您的電子郵件信箱 Your Email 〈需填寫/Required〉

你的地址 Your Address (需填寫/Required)

城市 Your City (需填寫/Required)

您的電話號碼 Your Phone Number (需填寫/Required)

樂團的網址 Website / Facebook Page (需填寫/Required)

樂團的影片/MV/演唱影片 Link to your concert's video (Youtube...) (需填寫/Required)

其他的網址 Link to Youtube / Soundcloud / ReverbNation ... (需填寫/Required)

音樂風格 ? Musical style ? (需填寫/Required)

有多少音樂家 ? How many musicians ? (需填寫/Required)

需要多少個麥克風 ? 樂團所用的樂器種類與所需器材 ? How many microphone you need ? Any other material required ?

其他東西您要告訴我們嗎 ? Something else you want to tell us ?

Anti-spam CAPTCHA

我同意下面的規則. I agree with the following rules:

1) 樂團必須配合我們所安排的時間與行程。
2) 請欲參加的樂團務必在申請表格內,詳列所需的設備與支援。
3) 請樂團在表演前兩個小時務必抵達五月音樂季活動現場。

1) The band accepts the time slot we give to them.
2) The band, in the application form, informs the material they need.
3) The band has to be at MayJam 2 hours before their performance.