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21May 2016

分享/Share…Catch your free shuttle bus here! Across the street from the back side of the train station! We start from 12:00 noon!!!

22Apr 2016

May Jam on Air!

April 22, 2016

分享/Share…                 We had a great time at “Sound of freedom Radio” station. FM91.5, don’t miss it! Great host great host, great Q&A, thank you all! Thanks to Ann and Sam who came along!   See you all May 21st & 22nd!

24Apr 2015


April 24, 2015

指北針音樂計畫協助兒少社福機構,進行音樂教育/製作. 樂手、歌手、錄音師、電音製作人、詞曲創作人、音樂教室經營者、展演空間經營者 … 我們是一群音樂人,透過「 Logic Pro 指北針音樂製作課程」而有了交集。我們認為音樂工作除了主流/非主流、娛樂/藝術之外,還有不同的層面以及價值觀可以切入。

18Mar 2015

Mayjam will go on !

March 18, 2015

分享/Share… 台南市文化局局長得知今年五月音樂季不舉辦的消息後,甚覺可惜,指示新化區公所與五月音樂季舉辦人協商,希望今年依然如期舉辦,今天雙方開會後有好消息要告訴大家~~今年台南五月音樂季將在5/9-10相見虎頭埤風景區。 台南五月音樂季感謝文化局和新化區公所的鼎力相助讓今年的活動能如期舉辦。 請大家告訴大家這個好消息 Dear friends, last week-end, Axel met the Director of Tainan’s Cultural Affair Department who heard the bad news regarding the cancellation of Mayjam, who said that it was a pity and wanna help us So, after several calls and a last meeting this morning with Sinhua District Supervisor, Mayjam 2015 can […]